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We’ve done it! – 6 April 2022

After much procrastination, we have finally converted from a regular limited company to a CIC! 

 Imagine the picture, I’m sitting in a quaint AirBnB cottage in deepest Devon, trying to diligently work on the book I am writing, whilst Tracey was off on a sculpture course.  I get distracted (as you do) and go to look up a client on Companies House and decide for some unknown reason to check out Miss S.

 But there was no Miss S Business Support Ltd, as there had been since February 2014.  In its place was Miss S – Accounting for Purpose CIC!  At long last, and with a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with Companies House, we’d done it.  We were actually a CIC!

 Oh my word!  My excitement at this small change was crazy, but I had only the dog to share it with, and she really wasn’t much interested, so I had to settle for a happy wiggle dance in my chair and a WhatsApp to Tracey   We did go out for dinner that evening in sort of celebration though.

 Needless to say, my mind was not going back to the chapter I was trying to compose.  I had far more interesting things flying through my mind, the opportunities opened up to us now are super exciting.

 It may be a minor change, but to us it is so important.

 For years we have been working with CICs, charities and creatives, telling them how important it is to us to be helping people help people, and how making a difference is more important to us than becoming millionaires with multiple offices of Miss S.  Now we have a far clearer way of showcasing our values and proving that we really do mean what we say.

 Now, things like the free or highly subsidised courses, seminars and workshops we’ve been wanting to run but have not been able to afford, become a possibility.

 Now, if CICs, charities or creatives cannot afford the services they so desperately need, there are ways in which we may be able to provide them anyway (if Tracey is as good at getting grants as she thinks she is).

 We are looking forward to increasing the difference we make and being able to shout louder about it too.

 Here’s to new beginnings 

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