We provide the full range of financial management services for your organisation so that you are freed up to do what only you can do for your organisation. Whether you’re looking for help to simply lift the load of finance related routine tasks such as bookkeeping and VAT returns or you’re looking for a much a better understanding of your organisations finances, discussing ideas about strategies that can improve the organisations finances then we’re here to help. 


Services You’d Expect

Always with you in our minds, our Services You’d Expect from an accountant will keep you compliant with HMRC, Companies House and the Charity Commission:

We are your virtual finance office and provide: 

  • Annual Accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Corporation Tax
  • Self-Assessment Tax Return
  • Registered Office
  • Payroll
  • VAT

Extras That Make A Difference

Miss S love to play with the numbers so we find Budgeting, Cashflow Forecasts and Management Accounts exciting and fulfilling challenges. We also enjoy the way these can inform your future path as well as paint a picture of your past. 

Taking forecasting one step further we offer Adaptive Business Planning, helping you create a future plan that is responsive to change, strong like a tree and not fixed like a rock. 

We will help you Develop Earned Income Streams, including helping you with Funding Applications or filling in the Impact Assessments for the funds you already have. 

Additionally, you may want to sign up to our Mentoring programme, getting strategic and practical advice and guidance whenever you need it. 



How do you like to learn? Face to face, webinars, workshops or workbooks? We love to see clients learn and grow in their way, at their speed and at their convenience. Some of the training we offer is business planning, grant applications, software, understanding your accounts.

Understanding your accounts – what are the main things to look out for on your balance sheet? Why doesn’t the profit figure match the bank balance? What adjustments we have to make to the bookkeeping to meet annual accounts requirements etc.

Software utilisation – Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Freeagent, or Quickfile; we can help you make the most of the accounting software you use. 

Trustees training and skills audit – do your board members know what their individual responsibilities are? Does your board have all the skills needed to be the best board that it can be?

Reserves Management – Restricted, Designated, Unrestricted or Free. Learn the difference and importance of reserves and how to use them. 

Fund accounts – How to create and manage funds and reserves within your software and day to day transactions.

Business Planning – Every business is on a journey. This workshop is the sat nav to that journey without the annoying voice and with added character. 

Improve your chances of getting a Grant – applying for grants takes much more time than busy people have spare. This workshop will give you a system and structure to seriously improve your chances of getting that grant.

Magic moments

A few extras we offer, simply because we can:

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