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Tracey Ward

Tracey Ward

Tracey Ward BA(Hons) is an artist (sculptor) who somehow found herself enjoying numbers. This surprised everyone that knew her at the time and even after more than three decades of helping people with their businesses and their numbers, it continues to mystify many that meet her. She has worked with a variety of clients but has a special affinity for creatives because she too thinks in a non- linear way and uses this to help clients navigate the complex issues that populate the not-for-profit world. 

Tracey has been involved in European Funding Bids, discussions with stakeholders, trustees, the Arts Council England, City Councils, the HMRC and The Charity Commission. 

She has started at the grassroots of CICs and Charities, helped established organisations to restructure and assisted one organisation to cease trading whilst keeping its reputation high. She understands the pain of radical cuts and the resolve required to broaden income streams, slash costs and think outside of the box to survive. She will ask endless questions but exploring those answers is where the magic happens and a plan is born.

Tracey loves to empower, to learn and to pass her knowledge on. She also loves carving stone and taking photographs with her iPhone (taking a camera out with her requires preplanning so that isn’t going to happen) particularly when out walking her German Shepherd dog for 2hrs a day, but her biggest love is… cake.

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